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  • The Right Cause
    The Right Cause By Nigel J. Macbeth

    Ben’s life spirals into freefall when his fiance is killed in suspicious circumstances. But when two mysterious strangers offer him the chance to right the wrong, he sees a way of getting his life back on track again. However, Ben’s ethical principles lead him into direct conflict with Sebastian and Delaney, forcing him to rely on his wits to survive.

    An unlikely assassin drawn relentlessly into a dark world of corruption, blackmail and power, Ben faces life and death situations where it is no longer clear who the good guys and bad guys are. This poses a practical question of immediate survival and a moral dilemma of whether there is ultimately any difference between the two.In the modern world, is it true that there are causes where even murder is justified? And if so, what is the right cause and who, if anyone, has the right to pursue it?

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