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    Round To Midnight By Linda Tegerdine

    This eerily atmospheric tale of an evil spirit, who begins to haunt Catherine, together with her husband James, is described in such dramatic detail that the reader is drawn inexorably into each believable yet frightening event. In contrast, the tranquillity and beauty of the lovely cottage they share is becoming desecrated by the spirit’s influence and they are regularly disturbed by happenings which show that the spirit is determined to ruin the couple’s former state of happiness. Both are affected but James does not so swiftly realise or acknowledge the reality of the ghost’s existence as does Catherine, and the start of a rift in their formerly tender relationship appears.In sharing the growing fear and drama of each move made by the spirit, every nerve becomes raw and the oppressive feeling of despair and the presence of an ultimate disaster looming increases.Is there to be no way of escape for the couple? How will it all end?

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