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    Hood and the Ghosts of Fernworld By Peter Trusty

    Hood is one of the last remaining humans on the planet. After a mysterious virus cripples mankind, reducing billions to mere thousands, Man is forced to descend back into a nomadic state and the ensuing struggles for mere survival. But the future is bleak and fleeting, as only a handful of women have survived this viral culling, cutting off any possibilities of a significant recovery from this terrifying extinction level event.

    In a dark, post-apocalyptic landscape fuelled with violence and depravity, trust is hard earned. When Hood’s last remaining companion dies, this philosophical wonderer is forced to seek out a community and answers, setting him on the path of an epic journey that will ultimately question man’s place in the universe and whether they can break the endless cycle of their own self-destruction and that of other species.

    Salvation could lead them to the stars … or it could prove their final destruction.

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